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A Goldring Lenco GL75/72/78 headshell
Goldring Lenco reduced mass headshell, fits GL75/72/78, unused old stock
ADC Type  Headshell For Straight Tonearms - Silver
An ADC type plug-in headshell for straight tonearms, accepts standard 1/2" mount cartridges - Silver
JVC Aluminum Headshell
JVC aluminum headshell, suits QL-A2 and QL-F4
Pioneer Black Aluminium Headshell
Pioneer Black Aluminium Headshell would suit PL-112D turntable
Pioneer Black SME Headshell
Original Pioneer Black SME Headshell
Pioneer Straight Arm Headshell
A headshell for use on Pioneer turntables with straight tonearms
Rega Aluminum Headshell
Rega lightweight aluminum headshell, suits Rega R200 tonearm
Sansui standard mount tone arm headshell
Original Sansui headshell, standard SME connection, black plastic